My trip to Lebanon, Beirut

 I have recently just come back from Lebanon and stayed in Beirut. I had obtained a room in the Hamra at the Casa D’or Hotel. As I am Lebanese I am extremely familiar with what the country has to offer, except the case that I have not been to Lebanon for 5 years. 

Despite all the issues you see in the media I would highly recommend UK travellers to go to Beirut! Flights are cheap this time o the season and the weather was at least 29 degrees with a cool breeze! 

Lebanon has much to offer when it comes to the night life as we are known to be night owls who love to party. My stay at the Casa D’or was enjoyable as it is located in the heart beat of Lebanon. 2 minutes walking distance from Main Street (indicated on photo) which are a few bars side by side which are open until 2-3am! You have access to shopping and restaraunt a all around this hotel and can find anything and everything.

Lebanon is party central and Lebanese people are known for this and know how to have a good time. I had loved my trip and highly recommend everyone to at least take one trip to Lebanon.

The hotel was extremely attentive to my needs and had provided an excellent service throughout my stay. I just wish that I had stayed longer to enjoy the lovely room and location a lot more.

Took a trip to jouenieh and ate a a beautiful restaraunt called Amar in the mountains (Harissa location pictures attached) in Lebanon everything is close by and open 24 hours! You can do various activities which can be sight seeing, nights out, drinking, jet ski, beaches, shopping, explore the mountains and amazing places to eat!

It was extremely breathtaking and I would advise everyone to go for at least 1 week to Lebanon, Beirut. You have not shopped, lived or had a crazy night out until you go to Lebanon, Beirut.



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